Mary Trueblood

Mary Trueblood was born in 1684 in Albemarle County, Pasquotank, North Carolina. This is where she lived her entire life, got married, had children and eventually died.

No this isn’t the same Mary Trueblood from the James Bond movie or any other made up Hollywood show. This Mary Trueblood was a real-life person who just so happened to be my 8th great-grandmother.

Mary Trueblood was a quaker. We know this because on March 21, 1770, she attended the Symons Creek Quaker Monthly Meeting and there is a record of that. This took place in Pasquotank, North Carolina.  The physical location of this meeting was ….

Elizabeth City 27909, Nixonton, Symonds Creek Rd

What’s nice about finding this record is that it pinpoints not only an exact date in history but also a place and a religious affiliation. So now we can later go back and use that information to do further research. It’s my understanding that the Quaker’s in that area kept records from 1677 (their first meeting) to June 17, 1854 (date of their last meeting).

Mary’s father was John Trueblood who was born in Shoreditch (London), England. Her mother was Agnus Fisher who was born in Ulverstone, Lancashire (Cumberland), England. Mary was their eldest child and was named after her grandmother Mary Baker (Agnus Fisher’s mother). The Trueblood’s were Quakers.

Mary’s father died when he was 37 in July of 1692 and her mother died just a few months later in September of 1692 when she was 36.

On August 19, 1699 (or thereabouts) Mary Trueblood married Stephen Richardson.

Please note there is another Mary Trueblood out there, but she was married in 1770. So that is not the same as our Mary Trueblood.

We see by both her mother and father’s will, Mary is one of 4 children – Mary, Elizabeth, John, and Amos. Their parents were John Trueblood and Agnes Fisher.


Will of Agnes Trueblood –  Will dated 15 September 1692.

Know all men by these presents that I Agnes Trublood of Pasquotank River and of the County aforesaid widdow; through the  naturall affections that I bare unto my dear Children &  for other good reasons and  ___ ___ ____: doe To my voluntary good will and naturall respects to my fore children that is to say Mary Trublood Elizibeth Trublood John Trublood & Amos Trubloo.

I doo freely give unto my fore Children the one halfe of all the negro Children that shall be begotten or born of the body of my negro woman called Diana;

And if it should happen that she should have but one that then the young negro to be valued and my Children to have their choyce either the young negro or of halfe worth of ____negro & if the negro woman should have two Children that they shall have theire first choyce; And I doo freely give unto my Children aforesaid the mantainance of those young negros untill my Children comes to age to receive them;

That is my daughter Mary to have the first negro child if it Lives my daughter Elizibeth the next as they fall in ___ as above mentioned _____ To my Children partcularly as they come to age likewise I do give unto my four Children above said theire mantained untill they come To Lawful Age for the use of theire Estate; and to pay them theire portions as they come to Age according to the Appraisment of their fathers Estate as wittness my hand this fifteenth day of September/ 1692


Will of John Trueblood

John Trueblood Will

In the name of God Amen I John Trublood being sick & weak do make this my Last will & testament as follow with Firstly I give unto my Loving wife Agnes Trueblood the _______ or one half part of my moveable goods & estate and one halfe my Land during her natural life and after her death to be Equally divided between my two sons, John Trublood and Amos Trublood to them and their heirs forever. Secondly I give and bequeath the other _______ or half part of my moveable goods to be Equally divided between my four children that is to say Mary Trublood Elizibeth Trublood John Trublood and Amos Trublood Thirdly I ordain and appoint my Loving wife Agnes Trublood to be my true & Lawfull Executrix of this last will and testament and to bring up my children according to her discretion, and to pay them their portions as they come to Lawfull age.

Fourthly And lastly I do ordain and Appoint in case that my wife should dye without making of any will, that then my Love- ing friends Thomas Symons & Jeremiah Symons shall take my Estate into theire possesion and care for the good of my children, and to bring them up according to their discreation; as wittnes my hand & seal, this seventh day of May 1692 Signed Sealed & delivered in the presence of us John (his mark) Trublood Joseph Sparnon Proven in Court this 4th day of July 1692 Griffin (his mark) Gray by the oath of Joseph Sparnon Alice Sparnon Alice (her mark) Sparnon Griffin: Gray as attist Paul Lathum C per C

Here is the marriage agreement between her parents John Trueblood and Agnes Fisher. Look how they describe her — a Spinster! LOL

Anno 1679 John Trublood of Shoreditch in ye County of Middlesex, Laborer, and Agnes Fisher of Shoreditch aforesaid Spinster, appeared in a Solemne and Publike assembly of ye people of God called Quakers in their meeting place at Devonshire house London, the 31th day of ye 5th Month 1679 where ye said John Trublood taking Agnes Fisher by ye hand did openly declare as followeth viz: Friends in ye feare of ye Lord and in the presence of you his people I John Trublood doe take Agnes Fisher to be my wife and doe promise to be unto her a lovinge and faithfull husband till Death Shall us Separate.  And ye said Agnes Fisher did declare as followeth viz: I Friends in ye feare of ye Lord and in the presence of you his people I Agnes Fisher doe take John Trueblood to be my husband and Doe promise to be unto him a loveing and faithfull wife till death separate us and as a further confirmation they sette their hands to a certificate in Ye presence of Thomas Kitchen, Lawrence Fuller, Sarah Hikier(?), James Parke, John Lonte, Anne Trueblood …”


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