Stephen Richardson

Stephen Richardson is the son of Stephen Richardson and Bridget. He was born on June 12, 1696, in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. He died on July 16, 1723 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

In 1713 Stephen was granted 381 acres by Lords proprietors in Pasquotank, Co, North Carolina on the Southwest side of the Pasquotank River. Stephen Richardson was a farmer. He called his plantation Poplers Haven. This area seems to be around present-day Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Some people use this land grant information to say he didn’t come to Pasquotank until that time. However if you refer back to his wife, you’ll note that she was born and died in Pasquotank. She also married her husband there (most likely) in 1699. So logic dictates that for her to have met and married Stephen Richardson, he would have had to have been in Pasquotank prior to being granted land there, or at least somewhere close.

Stephen Richardson was very sick and son on February 7, 1722 he wrote out his will, during which he named off all of his living children. He died about a year later. We know this because His will went into probate on July 16, 1723.

Together Stephen and Mary had at least 7 children.

  • Stephen Richardson 1708 – 1762
  • Richard Richardson 1712 – 1780
  • Labboos (Lebbeus?) Richardson (1714)
  • Benjamin Richardson (1720)
  • John David Richardson (1720)
  • Elizabeth Richardson (1722)
  • Joseph Richardson (1723)

Stephen Richardson is my 8th great grandfather


Land Transaction Witness

Witness to Patrick Henley’s Will in Albemerle County, Pasquotank Precinct 24 Jul 1697;

// Stephen Richardson of Pasquotank & province of NC planter … whereas the true and absolute Lds proprietors of Carolina did by their Deed or Patent bearing date ye 14th day of Jany. 1713/14 give and grant unto Stephen Richardson a Tract of Land ct. 381 Acres lying on ye So. west side of the Pasquotank River … for a valuable Consideration to me in had paid by Jerr. Everton of the same place … sold … (for 8 pounds) … 40 acres of the Afsd tract of land … 1717. Stephen Richardson, Mary M. Richardson (her mark) Ack 15th 8ber 1717 Regt 17 8ber 1717;

// 615 pg 214 Stephen Richardson 14 January 1713/14 395 acres on ye fork of Pasquotank River, joining ye Creek of ye sd. fork, William RELFE sd, /rucgardsibm te /swano if te /ruverm abd te /ruver /s/ T. Pollock, T. Boyd, N. Chevin, C. Gale, T. Knight.

18 July 1704 – Edward Jones proved three rights and assigned them to Stephen Richardson – Himself, Eleanor-his wife, and Thomas Steward. – These land rights would indicate that Stephen Richardson came to NC (along with Thomas Steward and Eleanor, and settled in NC in 1704.


A rough translation of the Last Will and Testament of Stephen Richardson

In the name of God, Amen – The Seven Day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty two

-I Stephen Richardson of the County of Albemarle in the provence of North Carolina in the precinct of Pasqutank ___ being very Sick and weak in body but of perfict Sense and memory thanks be to God therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and know in that it is appointed for all men once to die

– now make and ordains this my last will and testament that is to say ___ first of all I Grant and Recommend my Soul to __ to the hands of God that Gave it and my Body I Recommend to the earth to be buried in decent and Cristen manner at the discretion of my Executrix not doubin but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the all mighty power of God and as ___ sutch worldly estate whereas with it hath pleased God to bless me for this Life I Grant and devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and format

– Imprimis: I Give and bequeath unto my son John Richardson my now ___ plantation whereon I live called the Poplers Havin __ the benefit of the said

– Plantation and orchard During the days of hir natural life the wife of Stephen Richarson Mary Richardson and after the Desese of my wife Mary Richardson then to possess the same for ever

– Item: I Grant and Bequeath unto my son Stephen Richardson a Neck of land called White Oaks Neck and ___ if my Lawful wife Mary Richardson be not with Child then the same neck of Land shall be evenly divided between my son John Richardson and my son Stephen Richardson with my now ___ plantation to be equally divided between them both but if my Lawful wife Mary Richardson now be with Child then the said neck of Land called White Oaks Neck to be equally divided between my son Stephen Richardson and the child which we suppose whe may fo with but if my wife be not with child then my ___ in plantation and the said Neck of Land called white Oaks Nect to be equally divided between my son John Richardson and my son Stephen Richardson. Item: I Grant and Bequeath unto my son Richard Richardson my Lower Neck of Land Joynon one Jerimiah Everton Line called Blewbootens Neck and the said Richard Richardson not to ___ of

– Of the said Neck of Land Thomas Bettys and his wife ___ the natural days of theyre life and this provision that the said Thomas Bettyes shall proform the promises made that is to build a framed house twenty five foot long and fiftene foot wid one good __ and to plant ought a orchard of a hundred apells trees thirtey foot Destent for the Great Stones Sort and Twenty five foot aney other Sort and to keep it under close form from the distruction of ___ but if the said Thomas Bettys shall not ___ the said Richard Richardson when he shall come of age so live upon part of the said Neck of Land called Blewbootens and to have leave to ___ hogs or cattle or any other __ with the benefit of the orchard for ___.

Item: I Grant and Bequeath unto my son Labboos Richardson and Joseph Richardson and Benjamin Richardson and Elizabeth Richardson one tract of land formerly called (Anavenolls?) containing three hundred nintey five akors and to be equally divided my three sons a hundred dkors for each of them and nintey five akers for my Daughter Now as consernin these tracts of land which I do leave to my ___ if any of them shall die before they com of age then there part to be equally divided amongst the rest of my leggatees or theyre part to be __ appraised and the vallue share of equally divided among my issue and he that buys the said part of land to pay so the rest theyr equal share of eatch tract. Item: I give and bequeth the stock of cattle __ to me befor I was maried to my Lawful wife Mary Richardson __ to be equally divided among all my Children. Item: I Grant and Bequeath to my lovin and lawful wife Mary Richardson all the rest of my personable estate leaving hir my whole and sole Executrix of this my Last will and Testament and I leave my true and trusted friend John Trueblood and James Trueblood as trustees to be a guide to theyre sister in __ as may be required to act and do for the good of hir and hir children to the best of youre power. Wined Seled published and Delivered in presents of us the subscibers: Stephen Richardson

— James Greves, Katherine Greves (her mark), Hannah Everton (her mark)

— Pasquotank Court the 16th day of July 1723 Synopsis: Sons: John (“plantation whereon I live called the Poplars Havin”), Steven (land called the White Oak Neck), Richard (land called Blewbootens Neck, the said Richard to allow Thomas Bettys to live on said land if he, the said Berrys shall build a house “twenty five foot long and fifteen foot wide and plant ought a orchard of apells trees thirtey foot Destent for the Great Stones Sort and Twenty five foot aney other Sort &c.”), Lebbeos and Joseph. Daughter: Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Trustees: John and James Trewblood. Witnesses: James Greves, Katherine Greves and Hannah Everton. Clerk of the Court: W. Norris


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